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Hi Club Leader! USG is happy to offer our conference room to you as a courtesy. Please note that the conference room is generally a public place for students to convene, socialize, and study. Reserving the conference room for events and meetings is a privilege so please be sure to follow the posted rules otherwise your right to reserve will be revoked.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I join USG?

Every year, elections for the upcoming academic year arise, so make sure to keep a lookout on USG's Instagram for more information!

How can I keep updated with USG events?

Make sure to follow our socials such as Instagram to better keep up with USG, by turning on post notifications and tuning in every week for what next new thing we have in store for you!

Where can I find the USG suite?

You can find the USG Suite on the third floor of Baruch's Newman Vertical Campus, just right-hand side to the local elevators.

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