November 2023
This month's stuffed full of events! Make sure to keep up with USG's events such as the following:

-Fall Fun Celebration [TUE, NOV 14]

-Let's Talk About It: Intergenerational Trauma Part 2 [THU, NOV 16]

-Paint and Play [TUE, NOV 28]

-Bernie's Holiday Workshop [THU, NOV 30]

-Roses & Royalty [THU, NOV 30]
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Our weekly Senate Meetings take place in NVC 3-270 on Tuesdays at 5:30 PM

Undergraduate Student Government [2023-2024]

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Undergraduate Student Government [2023-2024]
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Executive Board Contacts

Meet our E-Board for 2023-2024.

Vice President Contacts

Our Vice Presidents each chair their own committees and are responsible for multiple functions on campus. From free giveaways to lobbying our representatives, our VP’s tackle issues on and off campus!

Chair Contacts

Our Chairs are responsible for functions within USG. Whether your club needs more funds or you heard about our great events through our weekly newsletter, you can thank our Chairs!

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Event Recaps

Convocation Day

Baruch's Convocation Day serves as freshmen's open house. An orientation to get familiar with the campus, clubs, and resources available to students. Take a look at what you can expect!

Welcome Week

Every beginning of a semester, USG holds Welcome Week, Midterm, and Finals week events for everyone! Whether it be fun, food, or informational, USG looks to welcome all back to their second home. View what you can be part of!
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Aliyah Jara
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Jessica Angamarca
Responsible for advertising and communicating all things USG through our monthly newsletter, social media, and fliers!
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Khairun Nisa
Legislative Affairs
The goal is to increase advocacy and civic engagement of the student community. So join us to make a legislative difference!
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Adelaide Ilyasov
Academic Affairs
Academic affairs works to improve student-faculty relations through attending various faculty meetings and programs!
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Asher Gonzalez
This committee handles all appeals by clubs and orgs on campus looking to get extra funding to throw their events.
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