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About [US]G

Undergraduate Student Government

about [US]G

What is USG?

The Undergraduate Student Government is the governing student body for whereas the 19 members represent 1,000 Baruch students each. Spearheading events and initiatives for the students while also speaking on behalf for administrative and legislative matters.

Student run organization
Elected by student body
Goal is to represent, enact, and protect the interests of the student body
Senate Meetings every Tuesday at 5:30
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about [US]G



Jess 2
Jessica Yauri

Our President is the link between students and administration and is responsible for the strategic initiatives for USG.

Abdullah 1
Abdullah Mahdi
Executive Vice President

Our EVP assists our President in all operations. In addition, the EVP is responsible for managing and overseeing all efforts of the Senate.

Adriana 2
Adriana Cuca

Our Secretary is responsible for collecting, maintaining, and publishing from our weekly Senate meetings.

Karen 1
Karen Guanga

Our Treasurer is the budgeting officer of USG, and is responsible for maintaining the USG budget and updating club expenditures.


Our Vice Presidents each chair their own committees and are responsible for multiple functions on campus. From free giveaways to lobbying our representatives, our VP’s tackle issues on and off campus!

Adelaide 1
VP of Academic Affairs

Dave 1
VP of Campus Affairs

Khai 1
VP of Legislative Affairs

Skyla 1
VP of Student Affairs


Our Chairs are responsible for functions within USG. Whether your club needs more funds or you heard about our great events through our weekly newsletter, you can thank our Chairs!

Amrutha 1
Chair of Clubs & Orgs

Aliyah 1
Chair of Graphics

Asher 1
Asher Gonzalez
Chair of Appeals

Bricen 1
Bricen Fisher
Chair of Finance

Jessica 1
Jessica Angamarca
Chair of Marketing


Our Representative Senators are the main voice for Baruch students. They each represent 1000 students and make sure USG makes the best decisions for our student body. Through weekly meetings and separate initiatives, our Senators make sure your concerns are addressed.

Brianna 1
Brianna Augustin



Emile Barhumi

Zena Ally

Jiaqi 1
JiaQi Wu

Kayla 1
Kayla Hualpa

Victor Martinez

Jason 1
Jason Martinez

Shazia 1
Shazia Hussain

Geovani Pelaez

about [US]G

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I join USG?

Every year, elections for the upcoming academic year arise, so make sure to keep a lookout on USG's Instagram for more information!

How can I keep updated with USG events?

Make sure to follow our socials such as Instagram to better keep up with USG, by turning on post notifications and tuning in every week for what next new thing we have in store for you!

Where can I find the USG suite?

You can find the USG Suite on the third floor of Baruch's Newman Vertical Campus, just right-hand side to the local elevators.

Contact us

Questions about USG? Get in touch and let us know how we can help.

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Undergraduate Student Government [2023-2024]
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