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The Undergraduate Student Government of Baruch College (USG) is the governing body representing all undergraduate students at Baruch College.

Weird Encounters

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Weird Encounters

Andrea Valverde

By Candice Chatterpaul

Being a senior, and being involved with club life since my freshman year, I’ve been exposed to a lot of different people. I also, and I have this and love this about myself, have an approachable face. The reason I say this is because many people, many strangers, feel comfortable enough to randomly speak to me. It’s great because that’s how I make friends, but it’s funny because that’s why a whole lot of weird things happen to me. 

The weirdest thing I’ve ever experienced was two years ago, my sophomore year. My first club ever was Women in Business, and by sophomore year, I sat on the board as the VP of Marketing. That meant that I spent a lot of time in our club room doing work. Also, fun fact, I drink a lot of water. You know what happens when you drink a lot of water? Yup, you pee a lot. 

I was working in the club room one evening and I had to pee, so I walked over to the bathrooms closest to the club area – which are the bathrooms near the game room and near USG. The second I turned the corner, this guy was by the water fountain double fisting cups of water. As he was filling them up, we made eye contact, so I politely acknowledged his existence with a smile. STUPID CANDICE STUPID

This is the weird part. 

He looked at me and he held out one of the cups of water towards me. 

Offering it to me. 

He was a stranger. 

That’s weird. 

So I just said no thank you. You know what he said? I’ll tell you. 


All I could think in my head was “what. WHAT. What do you mean why? Because you’re a stranger. Because you could literally drug me right there if you were a psycho.” But I just said “because I need to pee” which was a valid reason because I did need to pee, and because why am I going to drink water if I need to pee? So he goes “okay, I’ll leave it here for you then” and I say to myself “nah this guy is messing with me” so I sarcastically say “okaaaaay” and go into the bathroom. 

I finish up in the bathroom, but I linger there for an extra few seconds in hopes of avoiding another awkward encounter with this guy. Eventually, I stepped out of the bathroom, and I see the cup of water on the floor, waiting for me to take. So I looked around and no one was there. All that was in my mind is “what really just happened here, I don’t know what to do”. I ended up just picking the water up, dumping it in the water fountain, and throwing the cup away. 

Because that whole situation was weird.