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The Undergraduate Student Government of Baruch College (USG) is the governing body representing all undergraduate students at Baruch College.

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Starting New

Andrea Valverde

By Isabel Arias

Starting your freshman year at college is always tough. Everything comesnew, new classes, new people, new place to call home and it can be a very challenging transition for many college freshman. I was no exception to this rule so given the opportunity to attend the club fair I intended to make the most of it. I visited many booths but one stood out due to the club leaders making an outstanding effort to talk to people. At this booth they were not just aiming to talk to a large quantity of people but to really attempt to make a connection with each group with which they spoke. As I watched these exchanges taking place I decided to go over and speak with someone myself. I was able to speak to a leader in the club who not only showed that he had a large amount of knowledge about the school, but he also showed an enthusiasm and true excitement about what student government does for Baruch and its students. Because of this first interaction, I became excited about Baruch and excited to join U.S.G. 

I attended my first U.S.G. Senate meeting about a week later and loved the environment. The room was full by the time I arrived I don’t even think it was entirely because of the free food. When I heard them speak about all of their agenda items I couldn’t believe just how much power these students had, how much their input could actually make a difference in the school. In any given week they could be planning four different events, plan construction to improve campus, and even plan a trip to Albany to speak to state legislators. They each had so much responsibility given to them yet when one person would suggest an idea for a new project they would all volunteer to help. What stood out to me the most though was, even considering I didn’t know anyone there, the same person who spoke to me at the booth at the club fair came up to me to make sure I had somewhere to sit and introduced me to some other people in the club. The fact that this person who probably met hundreds of people that same day remembered me and went out of his way to make me feel comfortable was remarkable. I have gone to many senate meetings following this and gotten involved on committees and each and every one has welcomed any new ideas and aimed to make a lasting difference on the lives of Baruch students. I am so happy that I made the decision to get involved in U.S.G. and 

I hope that you all come to check it out too.