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The Undergraduate Student Government of Baruch College (USG) is the governing body representing all undergraduate students at Baruch College.

Immerseing Myself in the World of Finance

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Immerseing Myself in the World of Finance

Andrea Valverde

By Salma Mohamed

This past summer I had the privilege and honor of working as a summer analyst at JPMorgan Chase & Co. and it is there that I not only immersed myself in the world of finance, but also nurtured many of the invaluable skills that are required of both a businessperson and the Chair of Finance/Representative Senator in Undergraduate Student Government at Baruch.

First and foremost is my knowledge of Excel, which was significantly enhanced during my role as a summer analyst. In addition to being able to quickly and comfortably work with Excel, which is essential as the heart of the Finance Committee's work requires the program's constant use, I am also taking advantage of Excel’s unique features, such as its macros, to increase the Finance Committee’s efficiency in fulfilling its responsibilities to the Baruch community.

The acquisition of practical knowledge of Excel was also heavily supplemented by the encouragement to challenge myself to think differently and create solutions to problems encountered—as opposed to presenting problems without potential resolutions. As a Representative Senator, former club leader, and proud Bearcat, I must balance the interests of those who identify with my own roles and of those who do not, which requires that I tailor my thinking outside the realm of its normal decision-making process. My time at J.P. Morgan has facilitated my ability to holistically make decisions, on and off of the Senate table, as well as to simultaneously consider multiple perspectives of a decision, which can impact many (even thousands of) people.

However, the most pivotal and worthwhile part of my learning experience at J.P. Morgan was my comprehension of the importance of producing and maintaining excellence in everything one does—a lesson that I try to bring to my roles in USG. Not only is it necessary to maintain high standards and create outstanding work in a timely manner, it is also necessary to continuously improve as this will pave the road towards future success. I work to constantly keep these rewarding lessons from my time at J.P. Morgan in mind as they have and will continue to allow me to positively contribute to USG and, therefore, to the Baruch community at large.