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The Undergraduate Student Government of Baruch College (USG) is the governing body representing all undergraduate students at Baruch College.


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Andrea Valverde

By Ehtasham Bhatti

In high school, time management was merely a concept that came and went. I knew it was, but couldn’t care less about it. I knew I would have to experience it eventually, and until then, I would take life as it went and ease my way through every any and every situation. 

Within my first week or so as a freshman at Baruch, I immediately realized my best friend would not be someone from my learning block, my classes, or any club I joined, it was gonna have to be that lonely loser everyone, including myself, ignored – TIME MANAGEMENT! What made it worse was that he (or she) brought along its boring mates, RESPONSIBILITY, COMMUNICATION, and COMMITMENT. 

I spent my entire freshman year banging heads with these losers. Everyone saw it – in both positive and negative ways, including my family, professors, and friends. Whether it be dealing with family issues, taking care of homework, or balancing club work, my “loser” friends actually came quite in handy. And by the end of my freshman year, I was glad, actually honored, to have them on my side. 

But our love and friendship for one another was truly bought to the test in my current standing – as a second semester sophomore balancing a corporate tax internship at a Big-4 JPMorgan Chase & Co., a blogging position for the Undergraduate Admissions office, a senator role with the Undergraduate Student Government, and not to mention, my last semester before Zicklin classes.

They key (DJ Khaled would be proud right now) is once again chilling and learning with my four friends – TIME MANAGEMENT, RESPONSIBILITY, COMMUNICATION, and COMMITMENT. Time Management taught me to balance my workload, and dedicate an efficient amount of time and energy to each of my main duties. Responsibility made me understand how important it was to keep track of everything that’s going on whether it be through an online calendar, sticky notes, etc. Communication forces me to break out of my comfort zone and let other people know if I’m in trouble or need help (which is a hard thing to do for an armadillo head like myself). And let’s not forget, Commitment made me realize that I’m doing all this for the greater and common good – and ultimately, there’s a worthy purpose to all this.  

I was recently was offered a tax internship position with Goldman Sachs, arguably the best firm in the world – it was a huge honor for a sickly little sophomore like myself. And as much as I year end for it, I realized my four friends would not at all be happy with it. It wouldn’t suit their personalities, and only create tension – not something I can afford. 

My advice to you all is to keep those four friends close – they may seem weird, lousy, annoying, but please remember they’re deeply important and arguably the best buds a guy can ask for. 

Wishing you all the best of luck and success!