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How does Laura find so many cool opportunities and internships?

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How does Laura find so many cool opportunities and internships?

Andrea Valverde

By Laura Martinez 

As a marketing major at Baruch, events directed towards my major are limited compared to those for accounting and finance. To make up for that, I try to find different cool, free events around Manhattan I can attend to learn more and meet people in the industry. Going to events in offices and people you don't know can be intimidating but can also be a lot of fun. It gives you an opportunity to get out of your comfort zone and learn new things you might not learn at school and meet people in different stages of their careers.



A majority of the events I find to attend come from either Gary's Guide or Meetup. Gary's Guide sends weekly emails with dozens of free tech related events to go to, and MeetUp is an app or website where you can find events in any career field or interest.

In the past year, I have met so many interesting professionals and have gotten to tour many cool offices around Manhattan. It is a great way to step outside your "college bubble" and see the world and different career fields immersed in daily life, not just from a classroom description, or a panel at a school event. I have attended events ranging from, an HBO film festival, to a Data Center tour, to a marketing event in the sky room rooftop of the New Museum, to start up ideas at Civic Hall, to an e-commerce discussion group, to Microsoft HQ for a civic engineering event, to a virtual reality meetup at the Youtube HQ, and so much more.

There are so many great opportunities and events that occur every day around us for free, you just have to find them!