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The Undergraduate Student Government of Baruch College (USG) is the governing body representing all undergraduate students at Baruch College.

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What is BOD?

Andrea Valverde

By Samuel Rubinstein

BOD. The scariest three letters in all of USG. We are mentioned possibly in every senate meeting, but not everyone (including some senators) understands how it works.

For starters, BOD stands for Board of Directors. For the most part, we oversee the financial expenditures of USG (and all the student organizations that USG supports), WBMB, the Ticker, Encounters Magazine, the Early Childhood Center, and other Baruch entities. For example, even if the USG senate approves a $25000 budget for the Chemistry Club, the BOD has the final say and unless it is something drastic or toxic, it is more or a less respecting what the senate voted on. If you are into British politics, think of us as the House of Lords and the senate as the House of Commons. If you aren't into British politics, I don't blame you. It's very boring.

But who sits on this mysterious board? There are 4 USG representatives (including your lovely author), the USG president, the GSA president, the chair, and then a mix of 2 Faculty, 2vAdministration, and recently, two independent directors.

Is there drama? Of course there is! What students want sometimes do not relate to what the Administration wants. Completely normal, but I noticed that in the past, everything tend to be unanimous. Unlike procedural votes, there needs to be some divide on the substantial votes. This year, the USG representatives have been bringing up points, debating issues, and fighting the status quo. It's tense and a lot of fun.

Where and when are the BOD meetings? First of, the BOD meetings are open to the public. They are once a month and if you ever want to know the date, email me or ask anyone in USG! They tend to be in Room 2-290 NVC on Thursdays, during club hours.