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The Undergraduate Student Government of Baruch College (USG) is the governing body representing all undergraduate students at Baruch College.

The Accidental Social Life

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The Accidental Social Life

Andrea Valverde

By Agata Poniatowski

People always ask me how I got involved around Baruch. In all honesty I can say it was on accident.

My freshman year I joined Lexicon on Convocation Day because someone I met that day told me that if I like photography thats where I should go. So I followed them up to the Lexicon suite. After that I was at almost all the events I had time to attend. It was so much fun taking pictures of people having fun at all these different events Baruch has; social, educational, professional, or athletic. At these events I met a lot of people who encouraged me to join their clubs. They took my email down and said they'd add me to their lists. I still have no gotten emails from many of them, but the ones I did get emails from I joined. I started working for the Ticker as a photographer, started interviewing for Humans of Baruch, and I also began attending committee meetings for Campus Affairs, and Arts Committee in USG. People were always asking me, "Who are you!? I see you everywhere!" I was having a lot of fun, meeting a lot of people, but also had so much work to keep up with. 

The more responsibilities I took on, the more I realized I wouldn't be able to work to my full potential on any of them. So towards the end of the year I had to begin making decisions as to what to continue for my sophomore year.

In the end I was elected Chair of Public Relations in USG for 2015-2016, and still work in the Ticker. Even though I am involved in less I feel like I am still all over Baruch, running around like a chicken without a head, but I still love it.