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The Undergraduate Student Government of Baruch College (USG) is the governing body representing all undergraduate students at Baruch College.

Welcome to USG-Bearcat

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Welcome to USG-Bearcat

Andrea Valverde

Hello Readers, 

First, I would like to thank you for having an interest in our site and for your interest in student life at Baruch College! It is people like you that contribute to our vibrant campus life and  create a need a for a site such as ours. 

USG-Bearcat is a part of a larger initiative that we have decided to take head on this year. This will be my fourth year in USG and a problem within USG I have noticed for years is our lack of direct-consistent representation. 

Unlike the U.S. representative system we do not have representatives designated to predetermined groups of students. For years there is debate within in USG how to change this, ideas are thrown around, but no idea has stuck yet. Most of these ideas have to do with restructuring how USG works (coughconstitutionreferendumcough ;) ). Some of these ideas I do not oppose, but doing something like that has many hurdles. 

So I thought there must be other strategies, at least in the meantime, that can be implemented that can address this issue. Last year, our current-VP of Legislative Affairs, Daniel Dornbaum, worked on rewriting our constitution he used SUNY Stony Brook's constitution as an example. Stony Brook has a VP of PR, alas my idea for a Chair of PR for USG was created. 

I envisioned the Chair of PR to be part of the solution to USG's lack of communication with the majority of the Student Body. The committee's overarching mission is to keep a consistent connection between USG and the Student Body. 

The website that you are currently visiting is a huge part of that initiative. This website's goal is to be a one-stop site for all students who need something from their USG or need to be up to date on issues at the College. It is also meant to be a one-stop site for clubs when it comes to USG resources.

Another thing that this website features is a suggestion box, under the contact us tab. That box is a small part of one of our other large initiatives that we have dubbed, "". We want to give Baruch Students as many outlets as possible to tell us what they think and want from their college. is a wide scale marketing campaign aimed to collect as much feedback from the student body. So we can analyze and present that information to the people that can do something about it. 

I will end this blog here. If you cannot visit us physically at our suite 3-270, then thank you for taking the time to visit us virtually!


President, Annie Sourbis