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The Undergraduate Student Government of Baruch College (USG) is the governing body representing all undergraduate students at Baruch College.


Clubs at Baruch

Baruch offers over 120 unique clubs and organizations which usually meet during Club Hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12:30pm-2:30pm. The clubs and organizations cater to a wide range of interests and passions. Many of these clubs and organizations plan a variety of fun events for students to attend. Keep an eye on our events page for more information. Joining a club is a great way to meet friends and enrich your college experience. 

So check them out below!

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There's a club for everyone and if you cant find what you're looking for you can start your own club. For more information on how to start a club contact The Office of Student Life (NVC 2-210). 

Absolute Adrenaline Athletics 

AA is designed to encourage Baruch students to develop a healthy, fun, and active lifestyle through adventurous events.

Accounting Society Networking/Professional Development 

The Accounting Society’s main purpose is to prepare business students for the accounting, tax, audit and CIS professions.

Actuarial Science Society Networking/Professional Development

To provide those interested in actuarial career with academic and professional resources to help them achieve their goals.

Advertising Design Society Art/Professional Development

(ADs) engages students through language, words, art, passion. Creating a diverse collection of creative visions.

African Student Association Cultural

This clubs represents, unifies, and empowers students of African descent while supporting their academic and professional journeys.

AIESEC Networking/Professional Development 

AIESEC is an international, not-for-profit organization run by students across 124 countries and territories. It provides leadership opportunities, international internships, and a global learning environment towards a positive impact on society.

ALPFA Networking/Professional Development 

ALPFA expands Latino leadership by providing resources, professional opportunities and a close family environment. 

Alpha Kappa Delta Phi Social Greek

AKDP promotes Sisterhood, Scholarship, Leadership, Service and Asian American awareness at Baruch and in the community.

Alpha Kappa Psi Business Greek

Alpha Kappa Psi is a co-ed business fraternity that strives to build higher ideals in business and in life for its members and the public.

Alpha Phi Delta Social Greek

APD is an Italian-American fraternity with a belief that academics, athletics, and a social atmosphere are all essential to college life.

Alpha Phi Omega Service Greek

APO is a co-ed service fraternity that provides its members with the opportunity to develop leadership skills and provide service.

Amnesty International Awareness 

Amnesty International strives to inspire students to make a difference for people whose human rights are denied or infringed upon.

Archery Club.jpg

Archery Club Athletics 

Archery Club perpetuates, fosters and directs the sport of archery in the Baruch community through practices,competitions, and other fun activities.

Argentine Tango Club Arts

The Tango Club aims to alleviate stress through Argentine Tango dance sessions.

Ascend Networking/Professional Development

Ascend is a professional organization that aims to help members gain leadership roles in Global Businesses for Pan-Asians.


ASEDOM Cultural 

ASEDOM unites and educates students of Dominican descent through the effective presentation of professional, social, cultural and educational events

Asian Cultural Exchange Cultural

This clubs allows an eclectic number of Asian cultures to come together to show their pride in their race and ethnicity.

Bangladesh Student Association Cultural 

Bangladesh Student Association aims to promote and engage students in the cultural and educational value of the rich, native Bengali culture.

Baruch Organization of Soviet Students (B.O.S.S) Cultural

B.O.S.S aims to expand the knowledge of Russian culture among the students of Baruch as well as give the students of Soviet descent a place to socialize with others of similar heritage.

Beta Alpha Psi (BAP) Business Greek

BAP aims to encourage and give recognition to scholastic and professional excellence in the business information field.

Beta Phi Sigma Social Greek

Beta Phi Sigma 's mission is to support the vitality of women and strengthen the voice of children.

Bio-med Society Networking/Professional Development 

The Bio-Med Society provides future professionals in the science and medical field with resources and networking opportunities to prepare them for higher education in their desired fields.

black student union.png

Black Student Union Cultural 

Baruch’s Black Student Union embodies black beauty and power in order to uplift and educate Baruch students.

Bollywood Jalwa Cultural

This club is dedicated to the South Asian film industry so they can provide students a platform to showcase their talents.

Caribbean Student Association Cultural

An organization focused on raising awareness of the many successes of the Caribbean community.

Cents Ability Awareness 

This club’s mission is to empower high school students across the country to achieve their goals through the prudent and informed management of their financial resources.

Chess Club Recreation 

The Chess Club provides students a place to play chess, relax, and make friends.

Chi Alpha Epsilon NHS Honor Society 

Chi Alpha Epsilon’s mission is to credit students with outstanding academic achievements and to keep them motivated.

Chinese Christian Fellowship Spiritual 

CCF helps spread the word of God and provide a comfortable environment for Christians on campus.

Colleges Against Cancer Awareness 

CAC is a nationwide collaboration of college students, faculty, and staff dedicated to ending cancer.

Collegiate Association of Women In Business (WIB) Networking/Professional Development 

WIB aims to provide women with the resources and training necessary to become successful leaders in the business world.

Corporate Ethics and Etiquette Society Networking/Professional Development 

The Corporate Ethics & Etiquette Society (C.E.E.S) aims to provide its members with extensive knowledge on the importance of promoting cultures of integrity with a variety of professional events, speaking engagements and a networking environment with executives from various fields.

Debate Team Competing 

The Debate Team sets out to develop and improve speaking and critical thinking skills. As a team, they compete in regional tournaments.

Delta Sigma Pi (DSP) Greek

Delta Sigma Pi is a co-ed professional business fraternity that fosters academic and professional growth for its members.

Difference Makers Awareness 

Difference Makers is devoted to forming a supportive community for students with disabilities. We empower our group by raising awareness, advocating, sharing of relevant information, help incoming students adapt to a new environment, and providing a strong support system during our academic career at Baruch. 

DREAM Team @ Baruch Awareness 

The Dream Team at Baruch provides students with resources and information with regards to information and education. It can be considered a safe haven for dreamers and allies.

Dollars and Sense Networking/Professional Development 

Named one of the top online magazines for the last three years, Dollars & Sense has been publishing and releasing student work since 1979. It focuses on class material or independent work. With releases in the spring of each year, this magazine is distributed to students, faculty, corporate leaders and media professionals in the New York region. 

E-Sports Association Recreation 

E-Sports Association unites students who are interested in gaming and would like to meet fellow gamers at Baruch.

Ecuadorian Club Cultural 

Members aim to provide awareness of the Ecuadorian culture, traditions, and customs among Baruch Students.

Encounters Magazine Art/Professional  Development 

Encounters Magazine, Baruch's arts and literary publication, has been on campus since 1994. Published once a semester, Encounters features original poetry, fiction, non-fiction, art, and more from Baruch undergraduate students. Its mission is to engage the creativity and showcase the talent of the student body. Encounters also hosts events throughout the semester, such as writing workshops and open-mic nights. 

ECO Awareness 

The ECO Club brings together students who share concern for the environment in order to better the world we live in.

eXchange Support Network/Professional Developmen

eXchange Support’s vision is to help exchange students transition into Baruch and New York City.

Fashion Industry Club (Fashion@baruch) Network/Professional Developmen

Provide a platform for students interested in fashion or pursuing a career in the fashion industry.

Filipinos United Students In Other Nations (FUSION) Cultural

FUSION is dedicated to promoting and educating students about the Filipino culture along with creating cultural bridges between Filipinos and non-Filipinos.

Finance & Economic Society Networking/Professional Development 

FES strives to connect Baruch students and the financial community, including Wall Street.

GLASS Awareness 

The purpose of G.L.A.S.S. is to provide a safe haven for peoplewithin the LGBTQIA Community
and spread awareness of the issues they face.

Global Cuisine Society Cultural 

This club aims to connect students to try different cuisines and indulge in the history of food.

Golden Key International Honor Society Honor Society 

The organization’s mission is  to recognize and encourage scholars and to promote volunteering services.

Handball Maniacs Athletics 

This team represents Baruch in various handball competitions and promotes fun and physical education.

Health & Fitness Club Athletics 

Health and Fitness Club aims to teach students to invest in themselves, their health, and their overall well-being.

Hillel at Baruch Cultural 

Hillel is the center for Jewish life at Baruch. Their mission is to enrich the lives of Jewish students.

Hindu Student Association Spiritual

The club fosters a community for students to learn about the Hindu faith as well as appreciate the coexistence of all faiths.

History Club Networking/Professional Development

The History Club's goal is to bring students together who are enthusiastic about history. The club holds speaker events and helps history majors plan their career. 

Impact Club Networking/Professional Development

Members of IMPACT aim to widen students’ understanding of Public Affairs and the diverse career opportunities within the field.

Indian Student Association Cultural

ISA’s members aim to bridge the gap between Indian and non-Indian students throughout Baruch College.

Inter Greek Council Greek

The Council’s goal is to increase Greek presence and awareness within the Baruch community.

International Student Organization Networking/Professional Development

ISO works closely with international students to foster cultural diffusion within the Baruch College campus.

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship Spiritual

IVCF exists to promote a community that transforms students, renews Baruch, and develops world changers.

Investment Management Group Networking/Professional Development

Members manage a portfolio of financial positions across many sectors as preliminary training in investment management.

Iota Nu Delta Greek

This national fraternity carries principles of mind, body, and soul with the assurance of eternal brotherhood.

Japan Club  Cultural

Japan Club promotes Japanese cultural awareness through games, Japanese conversation classes, matsuri (festivals), and business/pop culture seminars.

Japanese Anime Asylum Arts

The Japanese Anime Asylum is a club for Baruch students who share a common interest in this style of animation and graphic design.

K-Style Cultural

K-Style is a club that connects Korean and non-Korean students socially, culturally, and professionally.

Kappa Phi Alpha.jpeg

Kappa Phi Alpha Greek

The first Asian interest Sorority established on the grounds of leadership, scholarship, and social development.

Kappa Phi Lambda Greek

Kappa Phi Lambda is an organization that embraces leadership, service, cultural diversity, academic excellence, and sisterhood.

Korea Campus Crusaders for Christ Spiritual

KCC is a Christian club that helps students develop personal relationships with God and grow as disciples of Jesus.

Korean Student Association Cultural

KSA will work to strengthen communication by addressing student concerns, promoting academic excellence, and working to improve the relationship between the college and the community.

La Unidad Latina, Lambda Upsilon Lambda Greek

This fraternity aims to unite men in brotherhood to serve the Latino Community.

Lambda Phi Epsilon Greek

The first and only internationally recognized asian interest fraternity whose focus is in serving the community, increasing Asian awareness, and encouraging academic and personal growth.

Lambda Pi Upsilon Greek

LPiU exists to empower women and to help the underprivileged members of the American society by changing, challenging, and improving society's defects.

Latin American Student Organization (LASO) Cultural

The Latin American Student Organization (LASO) strives to develop strong ties between Latino students in the Baruch community.

Le Club Français (Le Club Francophone) Cultural

This organization promotes the practice of the french language and the awareness of the francophone cultures on campus through different sorts of cultural events and professional opportunities.

Lexicon Art/Professional Development

Lexicon members challenge their creativity in photography, graphic design, writing and videography to create a memorable yearbook for Baruch seniors. Lexicon members attend different events and programs in order to capture the moments in student life that student leaders and administration work hard to put together. Lexicon is perfect for any student who wants to develop their creative skills or wants to help organize content for the yearbook. Lexicon has been internalizing moments at Baruch since 1935.

Lexington League Honor Society

Based out of the Undergraduate Admissions Welcome Center is the Lexington League, the student staff and organization comprised of Baruch Admissions Ambassadors and the Student Recruitment Team. Our purpose is to familiarize prospective and incoming students with Baruch College and all that it has to offer within the office, on tour, and at the many exciting admissions events hosted throughout the academic year. Our motto: INSPIRE! LEAD! RECRUIT! 

Marketers at Baruch (MoB) Networking/Professional Development

This club aims to help students who are interested in the fields of marketing and advertising to develop the skills needed to better themselves as professionals. 

Mathematics Society Networking/Professional Development

Mathematics Society brings together all those interested in mathematics while providing a forum that is accessible to all members and visitors, regardless of their degree of knowledge and make the theories of math tangible for all.

Mock Trial Association Networking/Professional Development

Baruch Mock Trial competes in mock trial tournaments across the country. These tournaments are overseen by the American Mock Trial Association (AMTA), and take place during the entirety of the academic year. Participants in collegiate mock trial assume the roles of both attorneys and witnesses, using critical thinking, debate skills, and a thorough knowledge of trial law to compete against other schools around the country in full ”mock” trials.

Model United Nations Awareness

This club aims to increase student knowledge of the globalism through the view of the United Nations.

Music and Performing Arts Guild Arts

An organization that consists of member of different cultural backgrounds with the common passion for dance.

Muslim Business Association Networking/Professional Development

An organization that aims to educate the Baruch community on Muslim business and create a networking system of students and alumni 

Muslim Student Association Cultural

MSA aims to build awareness of Islam and provide a community for Muslim students in Baruch.

NABA Networking/Professional Development

NABA supports people of color by furthering their educational and professional aspirations in the business field. 

National Society of Leadership and Success Networking/Professional Development

NSLS is a community of leaders organized to help people discover and achieve their goals. 

NYMIA The Music Industry Club of Baruch Arts

"The goal of NYMIA is to help students who are artists or interested in the music industry develop the right contacts, skills and experience through putting on shows, networking, panels, and discussions."

Nonprofit Leadership Alliance Networking/Professional Development 

The Nonprofit Leadership Alliance Student Association secures internships for students and makes it possible for them to obtain a CNP accreditation—Certified Nonprofit Professional.

Nu Alpha Phi Greek

A fraternity that focuses on the 7 Principles; Brotherhood, Unity, Discipline, Service, Pride, Professionalism, and Leadership.

NYC Hong Kong Club Cultural

This club supports incoming students from Hong Kong while raising awareness on the culture and customs of Hong Kong.

Operation Smile Awarness

An organization where students raise funds and educate others about children born with facial deformities.

Pakistani Students Association Cultural

PSA celebrates the culture and livelihood of Pakistan with various events.

Phi Eta Sigma Honor Society

A national honors society that encourages and rewards academic excellence among freshmen in universities.

Photography Club Arts

This club provides a friendly and inspirational environment for sharing the love of photography.

Polish Club Cultural

An organization dedicated to expanding student knowledge of Polish traditions, customs, and values

PorColumbia Cultural

A community for Colombian students who strive to create partnerships and services for fellow members.

Pre-Law Society Networking/Professional Development

An organization consisting of members interested in pursuing graduate school— particularly in the legal field.

Public Relations Student (PRSSA) Networking/Professional Development

PRSSA is a community of public relations and communications professionals worldwide, connecting students to members. 

React To Film Awareness

REACT to FILM’s Baruch College Chapter screens social issue based docs on campus to promote social responsibility and spark civic engagement.

Residence Hall Council Networking/Professional Development 

The Residence Hall Council is devoted to improving experiences in Baruch's residence hall while hosting various events to foster community and serving as the liaison between residents and Student Life

Roller Hockey Club Athletics

The Baruch Hockey team is a member of the Eastern Collegiate Roller Hockey Association competing in the Division II league and looking for more members every year to help further
their development.  

Rotaract Club Awareness

A group of young professionals who network with various leaders across several industries through global and community service 

Seek Society Networking/Professional Development

This society brings together students of culturally and economically diverse backgrounds through professional
and social development. 

Sigma Alpha Delta Honor Society Honor Society

Sigma Alpha Delta is an honors society determined to making a difference in the community and improving the quality of life. 

Sigma Lambda Upsilon Greek

SLU highly prides itself as an organization of diverse college-educated and professional women dedicated to uplifting traditionally marginalized groups, especially Latinos and women, by serving as a voice and means for empowerment.

Sigma Sigma Rho Greek

This sorority defines sisterhood amongst South Asian women and a belief in unity for their cultural beliefs and values

Soccer Club Athletics

A community for soccer fans to play, watch, and bond over soccer. 

Society for Human Resource Management Networking/Professional Development

A society that serves the needs of HR majors and students in the HR profession. 

Solutions Across Borders Awareness

A club that engages students with weekly discussions to discover solutions for border dilemmas.

South Asian Student Association Cultural

An organization focused on educating the Baruch community about various South Asian cultures and issues they face. 

SOCA Cultural

An organization focused on celebrating the achievements of the Caribbean Community 

Student Parent Association Networking/Professional Development

The Student Parent Association offers invaluable resources for these student parents, their children, and their families.  We offer support through educational events for parents, such as internship information sessions, and also for our children, through NYU dentistry events.  By offering community and support, the Student Parent Association works to make completing college at Baruch a formative experience not only for the student parent, but also for their children and family.

Student Veterans Association Networking/Professional Development

This organization helps veterans transition to Baruch serving as a support network for their needs and empowers them to succeed as undergraduates. 

Table Tennis Club Athletics

The Table Tennis Club caters to players of all levels, open both to students interested in learning the basics and to those seeking to play competitively

Taiwanese Student Association Cultural

This club serves as a bridge between the Baruch Community and Taiwanese students.

The Grid Recreational

The Grid is a table top gaming club, engaging students in board games, role playing games, and card games.


Thespian Club Arts

The Thespian Club is a group dedicated to theatre, musical productions, and professional development within all aspects of these areas.

The Ticker Journalism/Professional Development

The Ticker is a student-run newspaper of Baruch College and has been a valuable component of Baruch since 1932. It has an audience of approximately 12,500 including students, staff members, faculty and administrators. It covers all the breaking news on campus, art reviews, sports, feature stories, science and technology, latest on the business world, editorials, leisure activities and campus events. Free copies of the newspaper can be found in bins throughout the campus.

Theta Phi Gamma Greek  

This sorority promotes the ideals of sisterhood, womanhood, and diversity with many philanthropic causes.

Toastmasters International Networking/Professional Development

Since 1991, Baruch Toastmasters has helped over 10,000 students improve their communication and leadership skills by providing a friendly and open venue for those interested in practicing their public speaking.

Transfer Student Organization Networking/Professional Development

TSO was founded to help transfer students get the most out of their collegiate experiences at Baruch.

Ultimate Frisbee Club Athletics

This club is for anyone interested in playing Ultimate Frisbee with other Baruch Students. 

UNICEF  Awareness

The UNICEF Campus Initiative is a growing grassroots movement rooted in the belief that college students have a vital role to play in helping the world’s children survive. Members of UNICEF Campus Initiative Clubs conduct campus-wide education, advocacy and fundraising activities to benefit UNICEF The UNICEF Campus Initiative is a growing grassroots movement rooted in the belief that college students have a vital role to play in helping the world’s children survive. Members of UNICEF Campus Initiative Clubs conduct campus-wide education, advocacy and fundraising activities to benefit UNICEF

United Chinese Language Association Cultural

UCLA strives to promote and educate Baruch students of the Chinese culture and language.

United Sikh Association Cultural

The purpose of this club is to create awareness about the Sikh religion at Baruch.

Vietnamese Student Association Cultural

This club is dedicated to promoting Vietnamese heritage among the Baruch Community. 

Wall Street Club Networking/Professional Development

This club aims to educate students about the different fields of the financial services industry through events and workshops. 

WBMB  Organization/Professional Development 

WBMB Radio is a New York FM station and t was founded at Baruch in 1985. At this amazing media center of Baruch, students turn themselves into show hosts, writers, graphic designers, DJs, aspiring record producers and would be comedians. It is a great place to learn the skills needed to work in the music industry. Once tuned in, music of different genres for different audiences can be heard in this station

West Indian Culture Club Cultural

This club brings the West Indian experience to the Baruch community. It allow individuals to get an intimate feel of the West Indian culture through weekly activities and various events.


W.I.S.H.E.S. (Women Inspired by Service, Honesty, Education, and Sisterhood)  Awareness

Club dedicated to promoting the awareness of domestic violence.

Women Empowered for Success (WES) Networking/Professional Development

WES is an empowerment group targeted to encourage social change against the narrow perceptions of women. We aim to uplift our members in order to enable them to step out of their comfort zone as well as provide a platform for women to enjoy themselves and relate to each other.

Women of Islam Awareness

This club’s mission is to empower women by helping them gain the true knowledge and practice of Islam.

Writer's Society Arts

This society promotes the art of creative writing by supporting student writers.

Youth Organization for Israel Cultural 

YOFI is dedicated to promoting Israel advocacy among the Baruch Community

Zeta Phi Alpha Greek

This sorority’s philosophy centers around women who are passionate, driven, and dedicated to their goals and beliefs.

Disclaimer: Currently at Baruch College Social Greeks are not allowed to recruit new members, but they are allowed to hold and participate in events on campus.

Clubs and club leaders, if you notice your logo or blurb are missing or out of date please email with the updated logo and blurb. Thank you.