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The Undergraduate Student Government of Baruch College (USG) is the governing body representing all undergraduate students at Baruch College.

Bernies Info

The Bernies is an annual award show presented by the Undergraduate Student Government in which we award those who have improved the students’ experience the greatest over the past year.

For more information with resect to The Bernies, please feel free to contact this year's Chair of Clubs and Organizations, Arvis Chen, at his e-mail, or pay him a visit at his office, NVC 3-279. 

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Bernie's Registration Form: If your club would like an event to be considered for the Bernies, then please fill out this registration form. Events will NOT be automatically considered on their own. Only executive board members can fill this form out - President, Executive Vice President, Treasurer, or Secretary. 

This form is to be completed a week prior to the event date. Unless you are nominating a heritage month, ONLY ONE SUBMISSION PER EVENT.


Event Evaluations (Online Form): The Undergraduate Student Government presents “The Bernies”, our annual award show in honor of those who have improved the student body’s experience during the recent academic year.  A major factor in the decision for the award winners is your opinion.  Please respond honestly and rate your responses on a scale of 1-10. 

This form is due on the day of your event at 9:30PM. Any submission time-stamped after will be void.


Event Evaluations (PDF Form): Must be handed in to the Chair of Clubs and Organizations, Arvis Chen (NVC 3-279), the day after the event.